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The Jackson County Data Network(JCDN) provides a centralized source of current and comparative information on Jackson County to assist and enhance planning and research.


The United Way of Jackson County and the Jackson District Library were excited to introduce a new project designed to enable research and collaboration of information available to county organizations, agencies, and businesses.  In July 2008, the Jackson County Data Network came into existence through the awarding of a United Way grant to the Jackson District Library.

The network provides a data repository for nonprofit, government, human service and grant writing organizations that is a centralized source of relevant information on Jackson County which educates the community on the benefits of community information.

We invite all institutions and individuals of Jackson County to participate in this repository.  If you have reports or other data sources which could be useful for education and research here in the community, please contact us regarding adding them to the website.  If you have known data or information needs, please contact us.

Data Coordinator

Tessa J. Eger is the current Data Coordinator.  Tessa joined the reference staff of the Jackson District Library in 2007, after serving as webmaster at two libraries, along with other duties.  She has a Master's in Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University. Her priorities are quality service and excellence in information search and retrieval.

Data Network Policies

Collection Information

The Jackson County Data Network collects information on Jackson County, although there may be links to external agencies. The Jackson County Data Network only houses data that is accessible by the general public with no restrictions. Data that is personal or needs restricted access is not collected. Organizations that provide data that needs restricted access may be linked to on the web page.

The Jackson County Data Network collects information applicable to research and/or grant writing, with the goal of sharing data with agencies and individuals who need or can use it, including but not limited to preliminary analyses, draft reports, final reports, statistics, and annual reports.

Jackson County data that is collected or linked to will include, but not be limited to, economic, social, health, demographic, political, education, crime and safety, agricultural, geographic and climate.

Information collected does not include commercial information, information that is protected by law (e.g. intellectual property), personnel and medical files and similar files, the disclosure of which would be unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, or information that could be used to identify a particular person.

It is hoped that the Jackson County Data Network may reveal gaps in current data collection that potentially could be remedied, and could lead agencies to collaborations.

 Open Access

Data submitted to the Jackson County Data Network is made freely available on the web. Data should be submitted either as links or in .pdf format, which can be viewed, searched and printed on virtually any platform (i.e., Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, etc.)

 Content Accuracy

The Jackson County Data Network makes every effort to provide and maintain accurate, complete and usable data. However, the Jackson County Data Network is not responsible for content accuracy.  Contributing organizations are responsible for accuracy of the information they submit.  The Jackson County Data Network Coordinator oversees currency of information.

Modification of data is restricted to the organizations that submit it. This access is password protected and moderated.


Information submitted via email (and the email itself or logs) is retained by the system for various lengths of time, and submissions may be used for future planning, research or other purposes deemed reasonable by the Jackson County Data Network.

External Linking

Any externally directed links (hyperlinks of any kind) used on the Data Network website are for the use and convenience of clients and general public. The appearance of such links on the Data Network website should not be construed as a suggestion that the target sites have any relationship with the Jackson County Data Network. Furthermore, the Jackson County Data Network is not responsible for the privacy practices of the target web sites or organizations that sponsor them.


To prevent unauthorized access, maintain accuracy, and ensure appropriate use of information, the Jackson County Data Network has appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures reasonably designed to safeguard and secure the network. Jackson District Library’s information technology (IT) department supports the network and provides the necessary safeguards.


Information available through the Jackson County Data Network, which includes all forms and formats, is covered by copyright law. Some usages may require permission from the respective copyright holder, which may not be the Jackson County Data Network.  Modifications to the contents of the network by unauthorized entities are expressly prohibited. The Jackson County Data Network is not responsible for content illegally obtained and posted to the network without the network’s knowledge.

 Data Archive

The data in the network will be kept for 10 years. Census links will be kept of local information from the previous census to date or ten years.

 Policy Changes

The Jackson County Data Network may update the policy in the future for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, changes in technology, internal operations policies or the introduction/removal of services. 

 Review Period

This policy statement will be reviewed in one year and then every three years. Jackson District Library and other members of the Advisory Committee may however, request a review of particular aspects of the policy at Advisory Committee meetings.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the Data Network Coordinator at the Jackson District Library, by email at or by phoning 517-788-4087, and asking for Tessa.