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Census Quick Facts: Jackson County 2012


  • Annual report. 2010. Department of Public Safety of Blackman-Leoni Township.
  • Annual Report. 2008. City of Jackson Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Annual Report. 2006-2007. Jackson County Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Audit. 2008. Jackson Transit Authority.
  • Community Assessment. 2010. Community Action Agency.
  • FBI Crime Report by Michigan county. 2009. 2007. By Michigan city. 2009. FBI.
  • Public Officials. 2009 directory. Covers all villages and townships in Jackson County.

Profile. Demographics. Map. Prepared by ESRI, 2008.


CENSUS INFO census information

Census Quick Facts: Jackson County 2012

2010 Jackson County Census  with Michigan comparison

US Census 2009 Breakdown by county: Jackson County

2010 Census Breakdown by Township


Senior population by township. 2010. Compiled from the 2010 US Census.


US Census 2010 (For further information)