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   Schools   Due to the high number of schools in the county, we have moved their links and reports to a separate page. Statistics and data applying to the entire county or region/state will continue to be on this page.              

  • Community Report Card. 2008. United Way of Jackson County. Includes sections on truancy, MEAP results, graduation rates and satisfaction with schools.

  • Jackson Community College. Budget. 2010.

MEAP School and District Summaries.

  • Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth, 2008: Jackson County Schools

Alcohol and Other Drugs:  High Schools      Middle Schools

Community Domain:         High Schools      Middle Schools

Family Domain:                  High Schools      Middle Schools

Individual/Peer Domain:    High Schools      Middle Schools

Physical Activity:               High Schools      Middle Schools

Sex:                                   High Schools      Middle Schools

Tobacco:                           High Schools      Middle Schools     

Violence:                           High Schools      Middle Schools

Weight:                             High Schools         Middle Schools

  • School Data Direct Report. Jackson County Schools. Includes statistics on math and reading proficiency, ratio of students per teacher, enrollment, percent of students from economically disadvantaged environments, grade levels in the schools and whether the school is a charter school.
  • School Daze. March 2009. Center for Michigan. This report includes a list of every Michigan school district's record on length of school year, cancellations, and causes.
  • School Safety Report. 2007-8. This large file has recorded incidents, including homicide, bomb threat, larceny, suicide, alcohol and drug use,  broken down by school.  Jackson County schools are found on pages 309-332.
  • 2nd annual progress report. 2009. Michigan Future.  From when the recession began in December 2007 through January 2009, low education attainment industries (primarily manufacturing, construction, retail and hospitality) have suffered job losses of 3,735,000, while the high education attainment industries have added 163,000 jobs. (High education attainment industries didn’t peak until August 2008 and have since lost 247,000 jobs.)