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  • Annual Report. 2008. Michigan Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence.
  • Family Facts. Social science research on family, society & religion. The Heritage Foundation.
  • Family Index. Provided by Institute of Marriage and Family Canada.
  • Green Book Report of Key Program Statistics, February 2009. Michigan Department of Human Services. Includes county figures for Family Independence Program, Food Assistance Program, State Disability Assistance, Child Day Care, Medicaid, State Emergency Relief statistics, broken down by numbers of cases, recipients, payments as well as age distributions of children.  Also includes home help services, foster care and juvenile justice statistics.

  • Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth: Family Domain. 2008. Jackson County. 

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  • Right Start. 2011. 20102009: Maternal and Infant Well-being in county groups. The Right Start in Michigan, a review of maternal and infant well-being, is based on eight indicators of maternal and infant well-being. Kids Count in Michigan annually updates these measures for the state, its 83 counties, and the 69 communities with population over 25,000. These measures are all related to the life prospects for a newborn.
  • Trends Report. 1996-2007. Children's Protective Services. Michigan Department of Human  Services. 2007 Statistics. Includes child abuse & neglect case breakdown by age and race of child, types of perpetrators, complaint sources, and also includes changes to laws, policies & procedures.