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Website Organization

The current layout of each webpage is an alphabetical list of documents and links.

Please send comments, suggestions, or questions to the following email: or phone 517.788.4087 and ask for Tessa.

Website Searching

The Jackson County Data Network is a Linux-based Drupal template. This means that users are able to search by terms and find results that are: in the title of the data, in the body of the data, and otherwise linked to a document.

Website Formats

Most documents from local sources will be converted to pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format.  Click here for a free download of Adobe Reader. Other data will be accessible via Internet links.

Further Help

If there are further questions or needs, please contact us via one of the following methods:

  • email at;
  • phone at 517.788.4087 and ask for Tessa;
  • come in to the Help Desk for a face-to-face consultation during available hours. The Help Desk is located in the Reference Room at the Carnegie Library of The Jackson District Library system.  The address is 244 W. Michigan Ave. Appointments are also available for other times than the usual hours of operation.

Thank you for visiting.  We welcome your feedback!

 Grand Opening, January 2009: l to r, Elaine Piper, Debby Sears, Kathy Schoening, Donna Smith, Tessa Eger

 Grand Opening, January 2009: l to r, Elaine Piper (Jackson District Library Public Services), Debby Sears (JDL Reference Coordinator), Kathy Schoening (JDL IT), Donna Smith (JDL Marketing), Tessa Eger (Data Coordinator for the Jackson County Data Network).