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  • Annual report. 2010. Department of Public Safety of Blackman-Leoni Township.
  • Annual Report. 2009. Jackson County Narcotics Enforcement Team.
  • Annual Report. 2008. Michigan Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence.
  • Community Assessment. 2008. Community Action Agency. Particularly, the neighborhood opinions section.
  • Crashes by County. 2009. 2007. Michigan State Police.
  • Crime View Community. Jackson City Police. Interactive map displaying selected crimes committed during the last 90 days within a radius of up to one mile from a given location within the city limits.
  • FBI Crime Report by Michigan county. 2009. 2007. By Michigan city. 2009. FBI.
  • Prevention Needs Assessment Survey. 2006 Jackson County Profile. Mid South Substance Abuse Commission. Surveys students from grade 6-12 on factors including use.  Compares to 2004 and state rates.
  • School Safety Report. 2007-8. This large file has recorded incidents, including homicide, bomb threat, larceny, suicide, alcohol and drug use,  broken down by school.  Jackson County schools are found on pages 309-332.
  • Worst Roads. Michigan's Roads & Bridges Annual Report 2008. Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association.
  • Year-End Report. 2007. Public Safety. Blackman Township. Includes comparison charts with city, sheriff, state, other townships.